Yup, we're sure you have a BOATLOAD of questions about Toothpick City and Stan Munro. Hopefully, the following questions (which get asked ALOT) can help you out.

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What kind of toothpicks do you use?
Round, square-centered toothpicks, found in most grocery stores.
What kind of glue do you use?
Elmer’s glue, regular. (not the "school glue").
What's inside of the structures? Cardboard?
Nothing. All of the buildings are hollow and re-inforced with minimal toothpick supports--if any. Toothpicks and glue are a pretty strong combination (much stronger than cardboard).
How do you transport them?
Very carefully. No, really. Tons of bubble wrap, tuck in your shirt and your shoelaces so you don‘t trip. One wrong move and it’s over. The really big ones are built in pieces to assemble at site, but still… very… very… carefully.
What is your "real" job?
This IS my real job. I believe that if you put your heart and soul into an idea you truly believe in, you will succeed. I already did succeed with Toothpick City I, but I also believe… the first one was too small.
How long did it take you to make Toothpick City I?
Almost 2 years, full-time, limited potty breaks.
How long did it take you to make Toothpick City II?
Well, I’m still working on it. But by the time it’s finished, it will be "a few" years of full-time, overtime, and Depend undergarments.
What was your first toothpick structure?
My first toothpick structure was in grade school when my art teacher asked us to make a 6-inch toothpick tower that would support the weight of an egg. Mine held that easily, then textbooks, finally a few kids flipped my desk over and lowered it onto my structure. It held. Everyone cheered. I was hooked.
What was your first toothpick structure for Toothpick City I?
The Chrysler Building in New York City. It’s my wife’s favorite building. She really wanted it, and I wasn’t happy, but I did it.
What’s the most difficult building you’ve ever made?
The Chrysler Building in New York City. It’s my wife’s favorite building. I love her very much. That’s all I have to say about that.
What’s your favorite building?
The next one.
How long have you been toothpicking?
Since 2003. I was a TV reporter for several years--the wacky morning man in Rochester and Albany, NY. It was fun, but very exhausting. Toothpicking is much more relaxing and entertains a lot more people than a LIVE 2-minute morning segment (it lasts a lot longer too).
How long does it take to make a toothpick structure?
It all depends. I did the Washington Monument in a day. Yankee Stadium took a month. The Vatican took two months. The Chrysler Building, since it was my first, took 6 months… thanks honey, I love you.
Where do you get the toothpicks?
I buy from the wholesaler. The truck driver is a good guy. He used to work at a brewery, but he likes this job much better. He gets to be his own boss and he brings that same level of customer service to the masses.
How do you get the dimensions for the buildings?
The internet. Most everything you can find on the internet nowadays. If not, just call the building manager and they’ll be happy to send you dimensions. (Notable exception: United Nations, if you call them to get the dimensions of their building, you will have an FBI file).
Is there anything you wanted to build, but you couldn’t?
I never thought I could build the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai. I was giving a presentation to a grade school class in Honeoye Falls, NY, and a student asked the question: "Why don’t you build the Burj Hotel?" I said it was way to complicated. The child responded: "Didn’t you just say that you love a challenge?" That little annoying kid was right. Now I have to ask myself that question every time.
What does your wife think about this?
My wife is a doctor. She has her own life. She supports me whole-heartedly, but wants me to pick up my toothpicks and take out the trash. Occasionally, I get to open a jar for her.
Why not? There’s a lot of ridiculous things out there in the world. But there’s nowhere in the world you can see, side-by-side replications of famous buildings, even less-so, famous religious buildings from different faiths in one place… let alone out of toothpicks. I’m honored to be the first.
How did you come up with the themes?
Toothpick City I was easy, I wanted a complete history of the world’s tallest skyscrapers in physical form. I hope it exists somewhere, but I doubt it exists out of toothpicks. For Toothpick City II, some kid in a grade school exhibition asked: “Why don’t you build a church?” I asked, “Which religion should I represent out of toothpicks?” He responded, “All of them.” … Did I mention that children are the bane of my existence?
What was your favorite media interview?
There was a bunch of TV and newspaper people. I love Channel 13 in Rochester because I used to work there and they’re great, but one reporter from The The 4-H Forum, Laura Kauppi, did the best job. There was a guy from the New York Times, he did pretty good too.
Where do you display Toothpick City II?
That’s a good question, I’m looking for someplace to show it now. If you have an idea, email me.
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